Leader: Jessie Mayfield

Schedule: Sunday Evenings

We are a group of ladies, who have been through life. We have experienced its struggles, ups downs, have been through the process of dating, marriage, motherhood and so much more. Our goal is to help mentor the young ladies of today, for a easier life for tomorrow. Come be with bloom on Sunday afternoon as we help each other get through this world together.


First Ladies

Leader: Kristy Norwood

Contact: 409-880-5483

Women of First Church walking with God together! First Ladies is a ministry designed to meet the social and spiritual needs of women. This group offers many opportunities for involvement, fellowship and spiritual growth throughout the year that offer life enrichment and friendship building opportunities.


Holy Rollers

Leader: Gary Wheeler & Daniel Torres
Schedule: Fri & Sat Evenings

Holy Rollers is a group for the whole family, we will meet weekly at a local bowling alley. We encourage pros, as well amateurs, as well as those who want a deeper relationship with each other, and more importantly Jesus Christ. Come join the Holy Rollers!


A Hook & A Prayer

Leader: Carla Sonnenberg


Schedule: Sunday Afternoons

A Hook and a Prayer is a group where we come together and learn to crochet beautiful gifts for friends and family that will show them we were thinking of them and praying for them at the same time.  We will have something to touch and feel that will be a product of our prayers.


Football & Faith

Leader: C.L. Watford

A group for all ages, male and female, and any football lover. We will meet weekly to watch games, go to games, and play some games also. Come and join our group and watch your favorite teams battle it out while we talk about Jesus and enjoy fellowship with each other. 


Whispering Oaks Family Nights

Leader: Devon Anders

Schedule: Monthly

Location: Whispering Oaks Apartments

Whispering Oaks family nights are monthly meetings at the Whispering Oaks apartment building in Orange, TX. We bring families together, we play games, eat, have devotion and help each other grow in faith. We are always looking for extra hand or people looking for a place to belong.


Young at Heart

Leader: Claudia Williamson
Contact: (409) 313-0291

Schedule: Monthly

Location: First Church

Y.A.H. is a group of elders 55+ all from Orange, we meet monthly, have lunch, visit the sick, and have fun with other people of our age group. We invite you to come and join us!


MORE Bible Study

Led by: The Willis' and Devon Anders

Have you ever wondered if there is more to this life? Maybe more to your purpose, or something bigger out there that you need to be apart of. Maybe, you already know there is but don’t know how to release yourself into the more that awaits you in this life. Join us in the MORE bible study, we will go through this book and together we will walk into all that Christ has for us.



Go Orange Community Prayer

Leader: Michelle Luna
Assistant: Carla Bustos
Contact: ML: 409-330-1461

Schedule: TBA

2 Chronicles 7:14
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

“Go Orange” is Prayer for Our Community with Our Community.
We will meet once a month at a  location here in Orange and pray over our city and it’s people. Praying for leaders, schools, unity, revival, praying against hate, prejudice, oppression, depression, suicidal thoughts, against all negativity.

Helping Hands

Led by: Bro. Doyle; Seever Solley

Helping hands is a small group of of First Church of Orange that has partnered with a larger organization of other churches. We have come together as Christians to not only spread the Gospel of Gods grace, but to help the homeless in our area. We meet once a month in Beaumont, and feed, talk to, give out necessities to the homeless men and women who get over looked so often. Come and join Helping Hands and together we can be good Samaritans and fulfill the call of Jesus Christ.                                         CLICK TO JOIN!

Servant to the Warriors

Led by: Phillip Williams

A group of men and women, of all ages that meet weekly. We go and visit the sick, shut-ins, and elders that need someone to reach out to them.
"Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." James 1:27


Ladies Prayer Group

Leader: Barbara Lyons
Contact: (409) 988-1581
Schedule: Tuesdays 10 am

Location: First Church

Ladies Prayer Group, is a group of women of all ages, young to old. We meet every Tuesday morning @10a and pray for one another. We also have special lunches and are a strong support to one another.


Helping Others

Led by: Shane Solley
Helping others is a group of able bodied individuals that come together and help those around us who may not be able to take care of the things they need to around their homes. We have helped, elders, widows, and shut-ins with making their homes look the way they all of us want our homes to look. 


Frontier Girls

Leader: Ladawn Watford
Contact: (409) 791-0002

Schedule: 3rd Thursdays

Frontier girls is a Christian-based girls club where we learn life skills, win badges and learn things like CPR, crafts, and how to be an upstanding young lady in this world.

We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month.



Leaders: Veda Butler & Rebekah Foster
Contact: Veda:(409) 313-1843 Rebekah:(409) 313-0699

Schedule: Wednesday Evenings

A group for unmarried college and early career young men and women. We go on trips, and have classes every Wednesday night besides the first Wednesday of the month.