First Kids Ministry

First Kids is our children’s ministry. We are doing our best in working to “train up a child” so they can become instrumental in the Kingdom of God. 

From their time as kids, the years of puberty in youth, to the struggle of realizing adulthood, we must get them ready to further the ministry of First Church as ushers, greeters, worship leaders, department leaders, ministers, and faithful saints. 

We want to create an atmosphere in First Kids “Where Kids are VIPs” & Instill in them that we all must “Seek Ye 1st the Kingdom”. 

Impact Student Ministries

Impact Student Ministries is geared towards and focused on youth age individuals ranging from 12-18 years of age. Our mission is to build a solid foundation for these young people upon biblical principles, connecting them to Godly fellowship opportunities, promoting involvement within the local assembly, and guiding them towards their purpose. Impact is about exactly that, guiding young people to make an impact.

Hyphen College & Career

Hyphen is the young adult ministry of the UPCI Youth Ministries. The target demographic for this ministry are young adults, ages 18-30 who are graduated from high school and single. Hyphen exists to connect young adults to service, with an emphasis on pursuing Godly fellowship opportunities.